Haunted And Scariest Locations In India

GP Block – Meerut, Uttar Pradesh

This place continues to report that the area is haunted. On numerous occasions, four guys have been seen sitting in the home having one candle lighted and drinking beer. It happens to be the most common sight for people passing through that place. Some of these also said that they’ve even seen women in red dress coming from the home. The home is double-storeyed, and folks saw the boys sitting on the roof top. Many people’s quit going to that place nowadays.

Delhi – Delhi Cantt

The most mysterious place in Delhi is Delhi Cantt region that is full of green and verdant trees. The majority of the times, people have noticed a woman in white dress asking for alift with people passing. If you don’t stop your car or truck, she will start sprinting with precisely the same rate and believe it or not, folks have reported her reaching ahead of them. This narrative continues to be doing the rounds for some time now.

Shaniwarwada Fort, Pune

Itis believed during Full Moon nightsShaniwarwada Fort in Pune is haunted. Based on an old narrative, this garrison is haunted by the ghost of a prince who had been brutally killedwhen he was 13 years old by among his relative. His ghosts can be heard shrieking in the middle of the night.

D’Souza Chawl of Mahim, Mumbai

The D’SouzaChawl area of Mumbai, Mahim has obtained the reputation of being haunted. It is stated a girl, while getting water, fell in the well. Lots of people claim to see the ghostly apparition of that woman close to the well during nighttime.

Dumas Beach, Gujarat

Renowned pictures of Dumas Beach of Gujarat has many stories to tell about spirits. If one goes by the narrative, Hindus burn their dead bodies on the beach, and also this region has been reported numerous of times because of its paranormal activities. Individuals have reported experiences like hearing strange rustles on Dumas beach. Some tourists happen to be even recognized to have evaporated while taking walks on the shore at night. This location is one of the world’s most haunted place.

Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort

King Madho Singh, son of great Mughal general, Man Singh of Amber, established in 1613 in Rajasthan, Bhangarh. The grandson of Madho Singh, Ajab Singh built the palace to a height that the shadow reached the forbidden spot. Thus the devastation of theentire town of Bhangarh happened. Local villagers say that whenever a home is constructed there its roof collapses. People say that nobody returned who stayed there after dark. As well as the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) sign board put up there says, “Staying after sunset is strictly prohibited.”

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